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CI-CD-QA - The story of BrixCo

It all starts with a large toy brick manufacturing company, BrixCo, that wants to introduce a new online tool to their customers. They want to offer their customers the possibility to "manage" their bricks and set boxes online. At the same time BrixCo knows more about the customers, their current possessions, their interests and with this knowledge they can propose special offerings to the customers.

The company has a very capable team on board with Paul, the Product Owner, who has a clear vision on the new online product that BrixCo wants to release and with Dave and Debby, respectively backend and full stack developers who have an eye on delivering quality.

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persona - Paul - Product Owner.png
persona - Dave - Backend Developer.png
persona - Debby - Full Stack Developer.png

That all sounds very promising. But... There are some compliance rules to respect.

"You must comply to the security policies, or else...!"

That's Steve, the Information Security Officer of BrixCo. And then there is Rachel, the release manager who keeps an eye on every change, to make sure that they follow the release process... How is that going to work out?

Well, you can guess, their interventions and requirements may cause continuous interruptions and continuous delays, which is quite annoying. So how can BrixCo successfully deliver the new features to their customers? Maybe we need to hire some new people to the development team... Like Sanjiv, a developer with great interest in security. He will be the security champion of the team. Or Queenie, another developer who will also play the role of QA engineer. Can they make it work? Up to you to find out!

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