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Agile Bullshit cards

You probably have heard quotes like these before:

"That won't work here, we're different"
"We stopped doing retrospectives"
"We cannot finish stories in a sprint, so we switched to kanban"
"We cannot split that story, or it loses its value"
"Everything is a Must"

How did you feel as an agile coach or Scrum master, when someone told you such a sentence? Frustrated? Well, that's exactly what inspired us, Michele d'Urzo, Noel Warnell and me, when we made the Agile Bullshit card deck: turn frustration into fun, laugh with it and open the door for discussion.


What exactly is this deck?

This is a deck, size of bridge cards, containing 56 cards. Each card contains a confronting statement and a matching image. We considered each statement as "bullshit". Even though this may sound harsh, the aim is exactly to trigger discussion about the statement:

  • Why is this bullshit?

  • Where does the statement come from?

  • And what to do differently?



How to use this deck?

There are several ways how you can use this card deck. There may be a lot more than we initially had in mind. Use your creativity (and let us know). I made a separate page to collect examples of possible use of these cards. If you have successfully tried out a way to use these cards, please let me know and I can share it on that page (if you allow me to).

To know how to order the physical cards, check the Shop page. Or you can have a look at the online version:


How to get started?

These cards are the result of a joint effort with:

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