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Agile Bullshit Cards Usage

This list contains possible ways how you can use the Agile Bullshit cards.

  • As an ice breaker - let each participant pick a random card from the deck and discuss the card

  • During retrospectives - select the cards you want to talk about, or better, select the cards containing a statement you really want to address as a shortcoming of your team

  • Michele D'Urzo made an online Agile Bullshit Bingo, based on the 90 ball British bingo (or Tombola in Italy), but with smaller bingo cards, only 2 rows (to match the 56 Bullshit cards)

  • You can also do an Agile Bullshit Bingo as a modified version of the American so-called 75 ball bingo, with the 5 by 5 bingo cards, but then with the 56 bullshit cards.

  • You can have some fun with improvised conversations that can go in all directions using the Agile Bullshit cards.

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