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Game of the Agile Bullshit Goose

goose board.png

If you want something entirely different to use the Agile Bullshit Cards, why don't you try the Game of the Agile Bullshit Goose? Apart from the fact that this board only has 56 spaces, instead of the normal 63, this is just a Game of the Goose as you know it. Well, sort of.

Just like with the regular Game of the Goose, there are a number of special spaces:

  • When you land on position 6, you can immediately move to space 12

  • On space 19 you need to wait for 1 round

  • Position 31 is the prison: here you have to wait until someone else lands there
    (normally this is the well, with exactly the same effect)

  • If you land on space 42, you have to go pack to space 37

  • And on space 52 you meet the death: land here and you will need to go back to the start
    (normally space 52 is the prison and space 58 is the death, but there are only 56 spaces on this board, so a minor adaptation was required)


Each cell has a drawing from the Agile Bullshit Cards (not the statements). So if you land on a certain space, you can pick the card on matching that space and have a little discussion about the statement on the card.

Agile Bullshit Card deck, pawns and dice are not included!

The board itself is size A3. It is free to download. Check this page to download the PDF of the board.

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