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If I ask you what the abbreviations CI, CD and QA mean to you, changes are that you say Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment, 2 terms that are key in a DevOps organization, and Quality Assurance. Quality is very important when delivering software changes. And quality has many faces. Release management will have their view on quality; information security officers will have their own view too.


Now, if release managers and information security officers (ISO's) only impose their requirements on the software delivery teams, CI, CD and QA will have a different meaning:


  • Continuous Interruption

  • Continuous Delay

  • Quite Annoying

This game lets you experience how annoying it is for the development team when the release manager and the ISO fire a lot of security and quality related requirements at the developers, causing continuous interruptions and delays... And how it can be done differently, when responsibility is delegated to the development teams themselves.

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This game is a co-creation of myself and Sven Cipido.

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