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Getting started with Slicing the Cake

There are several ways to get started with this game.

  • The way with the least effort/cost is the online version on TableTopia. This is a free to use online version. This way you can "try before you buy". It is also useful in the context of remote of geographically spread teams (or if we would need to go back to lockdown situations). This version can be found here on TableTopia.

  • The highest quality solution is the game box. It is a high quality cardboard box with 112 cards, produced by the world's largest playing cards manufacturer. More information about this box can be found on the Shop page.

  • If you want to save money but don't care about printing and cutting 112 cards yourself, you can download the PDF. Just to have an idea how often this PDF is being downloaded, I ask you to register with your first name and e-mail address, and you will receive the download link in your e-mail. Go to this page if you prefer to print and cut the cards yourself.

  • Lastly there is a PDF available for download in case you want to write your own user stories, specifically to your organization's context. Similarly, I will ask you to register before you download this PDF. It would also be interesting if you would share your user stories with others, so that others can learn from your examples (unless these are confidential/under non-disclosure). Go to this page to download the PDF to write your own user stories.

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