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It's not a game,

it's a simulation

a safe learning environment

Past event

Thursday April 8th, 2021at 18:00 CET

Webinar for NaveLab Peru about Scrumban (in Spanish)


At SimuLearn we are convinced that the best way to learn new things is via practice, and preferably in a safe environment. Furthermore participants are much more motivated if the learning process is fun. Therefore we apply simulations and gamification as a learning tool. In the first place we focus on agile and DevOps principles.

The creation of our simulations mainly originate from a a need to teach groups of people something new:

  • to change their way of working

  • to eliminate a misconception

  • ...

The development of such a simulation is an iterative process. It is never first time right. The best way to shape a simulation is by doing it with the biggest possible variety of participants, people with a different background: from domain experts to newbies. Someone who has a renowned suite of simulations himself once told me that even after so many workshops and training, his suite still evolves.


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Scrumban simulation

This simulation helps you find the right balance between planned and unplanned work based on Scrumban.

you build it you run it you improve it.p


This simulation helps you understand and correctly apply DevOps principles based on technical development and operations activities and practices.


Who are we?

Sangeetha Sridhar and Koen Vastmans worked together as agile coaches. While coaching IT operations and maintenance teams, we experienced the need for a means to teach teams how to find the balance between planned and unplanned work. This is how our first simulation came to existence: the Scrumban simulation.

After several sessions of this first simulation, both in our own working environment and outside, we had the feeling that there was more into it. That is why we took to step to offer services based on our simulations under the name SimuLearn. In the meantime the development of new simulations goes on.