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Logo en naam SimuLearn lang.png
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It is commonly known that the best way to learn new things is through practice, and preferably in a safe environment. Furthermore participants are much more motivated if the learning process is fun. Therefore SimuLearn applies simulations and gamification as a learning tool. In the first place the focus is on agile and DevOps principles and techniques.

Some of these simulations come from a need experienced during the daytime job, but are made in such a way that they can be applied in a broad context.

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The Must Have Game

Friday June 30th 2023
Play in Business, The Netherlands




Scrumban simulation

Find the right balance between planned and unplanned work

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Experience the growth towards a DevOps organization

Slicing the cake

Splitting user stories using the patterns of Richard Lawrence

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The Must Have Game

Learn how to properly apply the MoSCoW principle

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Agile Bullshit cards

A card deck with 56 challenging statements to trigger the discussion

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Coming soon...

Still working on other ideas...

More later

It's not a game.
It's a simulation,
a safe learning environment

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Buy a simulation in a box


Try out a simulation or do a tailor made workshop


Book a training with one of the simulations

Train the trainer

Get to know the ins and outs of a simulation

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