Build - Run - Improve - Repeat - Online version

Initially this game was conceived as a traditional physical board game, with cards, pawns and dice. But in some circumstances - like we all experienced during the greater part of 2020 and also of 2021 - you cannot physically meet and so a physical board game is not really useful.

Luckily there are online platforms like that allow you to transform your board game into an online version. More concrete: you can create an online equivalent all the game elements, like board, cards, dice and so on (graphical elements you most likely already have available for the physical game and can be reused or recreated with a minimum of effort) and TableTopia will provide you with a virtual table to play the game. Don't expect a rules engine to enforce your game rules, but neither has your physical board game...

The main page of the game can be found here. It is publicly available (for now), which means that everyone can play the game for free. 1 registered TableTopia user (which can perfectly be a free registration) can invite up to 7 participants to play the game.

Tabletopia games can either run in the browser or on Steam.


Company number: 0737.419.437