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A word about your privacy


The only cookie that I know is being created, is when you switch languages, so that when you go to this site at a later moment, the page you load is in the same language like the previous time.

I will not add cookies myself for whatever reason.


The messaging form asks you to leave your full name and e-mail address. The only reason why I ask you this information, is because I need to be able to reply to your message.

I don't keep a database of every person that contacted me in the past.


When you buy a product or a service from me, I need your contact information in order to send you an invoice and deliver the product. This information is shared with the following instances:

  • In case of a product: the delivery service, so that they can deliver your package

  • My accountant: they process my invoices

  • The government (Tax department): for the VAT declaration

No other instance receives your personal information.


When you download a document, like an e-book, infographic or a free copy of a game, i ask you to register with your name and e-mail address. You will then receive a link to download the document in your mailbox. The main reason why I ask this, is to have an idea how many people download a certain document. I will also use this information to send you a news update every once and a while, but I will never spam your mailbox with unwanted information. This information is kept on a 3rd party service called, from where I will also send the mails.

I will however never sell your information to others. You can always choose to be removed from the mailing list.

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