Getting started with the scrumban simulation

The Scrumban simulation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. What this license means, can be read on the site of Creative Commons:

In brief this means that all the material of the Scrumban simulation is freely downloadable. You can re-use it and create derived works, but only for non-commercial use and always referring to the original work and its creators and the same license automatically applies to your derived work.


Everything you need to start making your own Scrumban simulation can be found on GitHub.

  • Start with the Facilitator's manual. There is a paragraph describing all the required materials.

  • Next you will need the presentation to use during the simulation.

  • Participants will need the quick reference card.

  • And a print out of the step by step approach of the simulation always comes handy as a cheat sheet.

  • Cards and parts of the board can also be found on the same GitHub repository.

But if you think that printing, cutting and laminating all those cards is too much effort, you can always order a box.


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