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Getting started with the scrumban simulation

The original version of the Scrumban simulation was licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. What this license means, can be read on the site of Creative Commons:

Scrumban Simulation logo.png

In brief this means that all the material of the Scrumban simulation is freely downloadable. You can re-use it and create derived works, but only for non-commercial use and always referring to the original work and its creators and the same license automatically applies to your derived work.


Everything you need can be found on GitHub.

The Creative Commons version of the Scrumban simulation is no longer maintained. It remains as is on GitHub.

You can save yourself the effort of printing, cutting and laminating all the game parts if you order a box. You will receive the latest version, have access to all resource material and you will received a notification of changes to the gameplay.


Scrumban simulation - online version

Scrumban simulation 2021-06-03.png

Next to the physical board game, the Scrumban simulation currently also exists as online board game. This makes it possible to use the Scrumban simulations for remote trainings or to use with teams that are geographically spread over different locations. The game is re-created to match the abilities of the Tabletopia platform. The look and feel remains the same, but everything related to writing on the board and cards is replaced by tokens.

Everything you need to get started is available through the Tabletopia web site. Apart from the game itself and information to get started, you will also find an online spreadsheet that will help you with:

  • keeping track of the value creation/value loss

  • calculating cycle time & lead time

  • visualizing the cumulative flow diagram

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